Frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of answers to the questions we are asked most frequently.

Q. How long is the caravan park open?
A. We have a 10 month season, we are closed for January and February 
Q. How long is the chalet / lodge park open?
A. We have an 11 month season, we are closed for all of February
Q. Is residential use of the holiday home allowed?
A. Residential use of your holiday home is not allowed under any circumstances. We are a strictly holiday only park. Owners need a permanent address elsewhere.  
Q. Can I stay for long periods in my holiday home?
A. Yes, you can use your holiday home as much as you wish.  
Q. Do you allow subletting?
A. Subletting is not permitted. Close friends and family can use your holiday home if introduced initially.  

Q. Does the park have Wi-Fi?

A. Yes. We have recently installed a dedicated broadband line just for Dolgead which means good access with parkwide coverage

Q. Does the park flood?
A. Dolgead Hall has no known history of flooding. Due to the nature of the river in winter months rainfall is quickly carried away down stream.  

Q. Do you allow dogs?
A. Yes, a maximum of 2 well behaved dogs per holiday home. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and all excrement disposed of in the designated bins.  

Q. Who is responsible for ground maintenance?
A. The park cuts all grass and maintains shrubs and flower beds. If an individual owner wishes to plant a small garden it must be maintained by the individual and discussed with Philip. 

Q. Do you allow BBQ’s?
A. Yes BBQ’s are allowed but we reserve the right to prohibit them from time to time for fire and safety reasons.  

Q. Is there mobile phone coverage on the park?
A. Yes, there is full coverage with the Vodafone network, other networks can prove unreliable.  

Q. Is there any security on the park?
A. There are various security devices on the park including CCTV and an entrance barrier
Q. Is there a shop on site?
A. No, but we have a milkman visit the site at weekends and main holiday times who offers most dairy produce, bread, eggs and locally made cakes.  There are small but extensive local stores in Llanfair Caereinion, 1 mile away.  

Q. Do you have a club on site?
A. No, we prefer to keep the park as quiet as possible.  

Q. What about insurance?
A. We sell insurance through the Compass Insurance Scheme and would be happy to provide a quote. If you arrange your own insurance we would need a copy of the certificate annually.

Q. How long can I keep my holiday home at Dolgead Hall?
A. We guarantee tenure for new caravans 15 years. The length of tenure on new lodges is 25 years. On used caravans and lodges it depends on the amount of time left on the initial licence agreement.  

Q. Do you allow children?
A. Children are allowed and we encourage parents / guardians to be actively involved in responsible supervision.   
Q. Do you allow tents?
A. No we do not permit tents of any kind on the park.

Q. What happens to the holiday home in the winter?
A. To ensure adequate frost protection for caravan holiday homes in the winter the units water system needs to be drained down. The park can offer this guaranteed service for a small charge or show owners how to drain down should they wish to do it themselves.  

Q. What happens if I want to sell my holiday home?
A. The park would offer a price on your unit or we can market it on your behalf the park would take 15% commission.

Q. Where is the nearest pub?
A. The nearest pub is 1 mile away and also serves good food.  

Q. Where is the nearest village?
A. The nearest village is Llanfair Caereinion which is just over 1 mile away. The village has a garage, a post office, a doctors, a dentist, convenience stores and a selection of pubs.

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