Whitsun Bank Holiday

Posted Wednesday 25th May

Well, Anna arrived just in the nick of time to present the cheque of £2,000 to the Welshpool Air Ambulance. The crew were off saving lives but thankfully the ground team were there to take the photo.
A huge thank you to all of the very supportive and generous owners at Dolgead Hall who have helped raise this fantastic amount of money for such a good cause

Well, what a busy few months we have had!

August bank holiday week end 

***'MAGIC Social Evening***  This was a huge success with much laughter mixed with a little illusion. All the complimentry food and drink was well received - a good night for all. Lots of photos on Facebook!
The Bowls and Golf Competitions were very well supported and hotly contested - well done to everyone who took part.
All the children, big and small had great fun at the sports afternoon, with the little ones making the most of the bouncy castle.

A big thank you to our wonderful owners and their guests over the bank holiday week end who helped raise £402.00. This will be added to funds already raised during previous events. We hope to purchase an on-site defibrillator for the beginning of the 2017 season with a healthy donation also made to the Wales Air Ambulance. We hope to run a training week end for defibrillator use during the Easter holidays - we will keep you posted.

The poem by the Smith family sums up the atmosphere over this sunny holiday!

What an Event!

This August bash
What a smash
Three days of sun
and so much fun….

By Saturday evening the site was full
200 people had begun to mull
With chairs and tables in array
By 7.30 the parties under way

The queues for eats were as long as at school
With turkey and lamb, to make your mouth drool
And If you liked, there was wine to choose
Alternatively, you could bring your own booze

With plates overflowing they return to their seat
Devouring their first course, such an excellent feast
With smiles on their faces they again start to queue
“Someone said they’d bought puddings, is that true?”

From Sidoli’s at Welshpool that’s where they bake
Victoria sponge, key lime and cheese cake
Which one to choose, a decision we need
“Please hurry along, we’ve so many to feed”

For entertainment, there’s a new magic show
I know there was worry about how it would go
But the man in mauve had all of the patter
“How did he do that trick”, was all of the chatter

The trick that we all found extremely funny
Was when he poured water through Lisa’s tummy
We all laughed as much as we dare
So much so, one poor chappie fell off his chair!

His jokes never stopped, he’s one of the best
And never a swear word was spoken in jest
So we wanted to thank you for a wonderful ball
That’s to the whole of the Pryce family, one and all

We booked in for Bowls at 8.30 that morning
All bleary eyed and some still yawning
Bring their pound and sign their names
They make the draw and start the games

This year they separate the gender
Those big and brash and those more tender
And off they go each side the green
Each bowl the jacks to set the scene

By 5 o’clock the champions are found
Paul and Denise are the ones that are crowned
Presented with trophies while the sun still shone
Thanks Neal and Mark for organising this one

The” Dolgead classic” is a competitive event
Where golfers set off with all that intent
A 9 hole subpar is everyone’s dream
Or a hole in one, now that would be mean

Its nip and tuck and “the brothers” do battle
They watch each other and there’s tittle tackle
With two holes left they’re within one shot
Until one bad stroke scuppers the lot

Its Andy Curran who wins the trophy so fine
With the kudos of beating “that brother of mine”
And at one under par that’s a score to be had
But not the record 25, that’s still held by his Dad!
The Bouncy castle and the ‘kids’ sport afternoon
There’s running, sack race and the egg and spoon
The fun and laughter (and tears) these races bring
And sweets at the end are a wonderful thing

The elder kids join in with the fun
Making fools of themselves on the obstacle run
And dads and moms join in the races
And even gran can be put through her paces

This sports day event has become such a pleasure
A formulas been found to make it a treasure
The effort the Pryce’s put into the running
Will always encourage our families to keep coming

Rob Bartlett our thanks for putting on this event
That well-advertised table tennis tournament
Competitors booked in, both young and old
Ladies and men split into their fold

The audience swelled as the finals neared
Leaving father and son, the pair to be cheered
An exciting game, any loser would be sad
But Rob beat Will, and yes, he’s the dad

Margret and Denise battled for Queen
The later already having won on the green
So this second trophy made Denise so merry
Sending Margret home for her customary sherry

Its back once more after a short break
The bingo night, so let’s give them a shake
The turnout was good with 30 or more
And monetary prizes going galore

The first time caller was nervy to start
With electrics repaired she then played her part
Unfortunately, the eighties had gone astray
Which initially confused us I have to say

But a press of a button and all was put right
And no more hitches the rest of that night
All raffle money, was counted by our correlator
With all the funds going towards a new defibrillator

We have to thank Denise and Ron
For putting on this game of fun
They say they’ll run this event some more
So come along, you now know what we’re saving for.

You know Dolgead Hall’s a real trend setter
This weekend, couldn’t have been any better
To Phillip and Anna, what a brilliant show
Will you do it next year, we all want to know…


With the Whitsun weekend fast approaching, there will be lots going on this week end. We are hosting a social evening at the games room, serving our home grown beef, salads and desserts from 7pm. We will be also offering a complimentary glass of wine but dont forget to any extra you require!

There will be plenty of seating - the forecast is dry but chilly, so wrap up warm.

The lamb bottle feeding sessions are filling up quickly, if you can't get a space dont worry we will be adding more dates.

There will be two bowls competitions, one for the ladies and one for the gentlemen, please see notices on the games room for more details.

We hope that all our owners have a great week end and we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

Lambs in the field, newly born calves in the barn and the daffodils giving their annaul show of colour


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